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Beranda » Alat Medis » Alat syringe pump

Alat syringe pump

Ditambahkan pada: 30 September 2014 / Kategori:
Kode : GM-18090
Berat : 0.5 kg
Stok : Ready Stock
Dilihat : 1545 kali
Review : Belum ada review
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Deskripsi Alat syringe pump

Alat Syringe Pump


Alat syringe pump ini adalah alat yang berfungs untuk memberikan cairan atau obat kedalam tubuh pasien dalam jangka waktu tertentu secara teratur. Alat ini menggunakan motor dc sebagai tenaga pendorong syringe yang berisi cairan atau obat yang akan dimasukan kedalam tubuh pasien. Alat ini menggunakan sistem elektronik mikroprosesor yang berfungsi dalam pengontrolan dalam pemberian jumlah cairan ke tubuh pasien, sensor dan alarm. Berikut adalah spesifikasi dari alat syringe pump

Spesifikasi :
(harga dan spesifikasi dapat berubah tanpa pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu demi penyempurnaan produk)(dilarang memakai spesifikasi berikut untuk tender/pengadaan tanpa konsultasi/konfirmasi kepada gesunde medical)

Kode : GM-18090
Model : Injectomat Agilia
Jenis : Syringe Pump
Flow Rate Range : 0.1 to 1200 ml/h (0.1 ml/h increments)
Flow Rate Accuracy : ±1% on mechanism, ±2% syringes
Syringes Capacities : 5, 10, 20, 30/35, 50/60 ml, automatic syringe recognition
Type of Syringes : Up to 50 syringes can be stored
Volume Limit Infusion Mode : 0.1 to 999.9 ml (0.1 ml increments)
Volume / Time Infusion Mode : Volume to be infuse : 0.1 to 99

9 ml / time : 0 h 01 to 96 h 00

Pause : 1 minute to 24 hours (increments from minute to minute)
Bolus Rate : 50 ml/h 1200 ml/h (50 ml/h increments)
End of VL or of V/T Settings : 2 KVO adjustable (off…0,1 ml/h to 5 ml/h), continuous mode
Data Log Events : 1500 data log events
Drug Library : Drug library of 50 agents with dilution, hard and soft limits
Preventive Silence Function : 2 minute silence setting to change the syringe
Initial Rate Memorisation Function : Initial rate memorization function when device is turned off
Sound Level Adjustable : Up to 7 level of sound
Ocdusion Programming Mode : 100 to 900 mmHg, (50 mmHg increments)
Two Modes Available : Variable or three pre-set levels
DPS (Dynamic Pressure System) : Line disconnection alarm, indication of pressure increase and decrease in the infusion line
Pressure Display : Graphic representation of the pressure in the infusion line and of pressure limit
Ant-bolus System : Reduces significantly bolus after occlusion release (0.2 ml max at 500 mmHg)
Orange for Pre-alarm, Red for Alarm : Visibility up to 5 meters
Syringe Position Control : Syringe barrel clasp check, plunger head detection, anti-siphon system check, flange detection
Infusion Control : Occlusion pressure pre-alarm, occlusion pressure alarm, end of infusion pre-alarm : 5 minutes (1 to 30 minutes adjustable) before the end of infusion, volume limit pre-alarm, volume limit alarm
Device Control : Disengaged driving mechanism alarm, low battery pre-alarm, discharged battery alarm, battery capacity display (h/min), unconfirmed selection, technical malfunction alarm (auto-test, rotation), drive system advance check, watchdog check
Priming Function : 1200 ml/h-3 modes : mandatory / not mandatory / advised by a message
Keybord : Keybord locking mode
Maintenance : Preventive maintenance warning
Push-guard : Manual pusher with pusher protection to prevent from accidental bolus
Screen : Blue graphic LCD monochrome, size 66 mm x 33 mm (128 x 64 pixels)
Swinglock Clamp : A two positions clamp that allows the fixation onto a rail or onto a stand
Stackability : Up to three devices self-stackable onto a stand
Dimensios (L/H/D) : 345 x 160 x 135 mm
Weight : 2150 g
Battery NiMH : Minimum 10 hours at 5 ml/h, separate compartement for battery replacement
Compliance, Standards : EN/IEC 60601-1 and EN/IEC 60601-2-24, CE 0459 marking in compliance with the EEC 93/42, European Medical Device Directive, EMC : EN/IEC 60601-1-2
Waterproofness : IP 22
Electrical Compliance : Protection against leakage current : CF type

Protection against electric shocks : Dass II power supply 100-240 V ac/15VA

Harga : Hubungi Kami


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